2014-06-29 03:13 am

Seetho {Book 1}

Chapter 1: The Final Battle

"We need to stick together."
"Yeah. Orange team could be anywhere by now. We shouldn't have let them escape." The enchanted iron sword Etho was wielding couldn't take down BTC, McGamer, and Vechs in one attack. He and his partner would easily be slain.
Seth reached into his bag to see what he had to fight with. His weaponry consisted of just 8 arrows, a Punch I bow, and his trusty Sharpness I diamond sword. He knew his 2 golden apples wouldn't make much of an impact in battle, but it would certainly give him an advantage.
The two of them split gear between each other for a few seconds. They were a fairly balanced team now. Still, with Jsano gone, the final showdown would be a lot harder. Luckily, his droppings made the gear a lot heavier with loot, so his fleshy death was not in vain.
The sound of an arrow going into the grass nearby scared the everlasting life out of the duo. They both simultaneously looked at the arrow, then towards the direction it came from. On top of a hill, they could see an iron-plated BTC looking down, and the nametags of the other two going around for a flank.
Blood started pumping faster as Seth ate half of his gapple supply, then said, "I'll take out Vechs on the right. My bow won't do any good on BTC, but yours will. Eat your apple," he said as he ran towards Vechs.
Vechs saw Seth coming up and knew he couldn't fight him alone, so he started to run. Luckily, Seth came prepared with his fishing rod. He initially made it to catch fish for him and Etho's dinner, but now it was the only way to win the war. He cast it out in Vechs' direction, but missed by half a block. Vechs never looked back as he kept running. Seth ran after him for a few seconds before casting again. This time, the hook sailed gracefully in the air, then landed straight in Vechs' neck. Without taking a moment to celebrate the snipe, Seth reeled in his fishing rod as fast as he could. With Vechs' now within a few blocks, he knew he couldn't run. He turned around and swung his sword as Seth furiously.
The clash was intense. Every strike was parried by the opponent, sending sparks flying each time. Seth swung downwards, but missed. Instead of bringing his sword around for a horizontal strike afterwards, however, he swung straight up, right at Vechs was coming in for an attack. A gash opened on his chin, sending blood everywhere and Vechs to the ground. He rolled on the ground screaming in agony, desperately trying to keep a hand on the wound, as Seth got close, then straddled his enemy. He got down on his knees, and dropped his sword on the ground. Seth took off Vechs' helmet, and watched his fallen foe wraggle on the ground in pain. He caught a brief glimpse of eye contact before kicking his face.
Seth then got his sword back in hand, and waited until his enemy's health depleted until turning and running back towards Etho.
When he got back, his mouth came open in a gasp. BTC's body was laying limply over a small hill closer to Etho, but McGamer was laying on top of him. There was no movement anywhere. the world was still as Seth looked at the two dead people in a pile atop one another. McGamer was slain. But was Etho?